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News and Events


Upcoming Events 2013

February 25 - March 18, 2013
Lynnfield Middle School Food Drive

March 25, 2013
The Total Woman Cable Show will feature Gathering Change. More details to follow.

October - December 2013
The Energy Barre Community Classes

The Energy Barre Community Class is held on Wednesday evenings. This will be a cash only donation class, with the minimum donation set at $5 per person. 100% of the funds will be donated to Gathering Change.

Newsletter Archive

GCI In The News

Wrapping it Up for Hunger Relief
December 18, 2012

Fashion, Fun and Fundraising for Food Pantries
November 2, 2012

The Women of Bus 354
October 31, 2012


Filling Buckets For Nourishment And Hope
Mrs. Klove and her second grade students at Summer Street School have been raising money to help provide food to local people in need.
February 23, 2012

Neighbors Helping Neighbors
January 15, 2012

Dancing for Change
Gathering Change Inc. organizes flash mob to raise money for local food pantries
View the full-length video of the flash mob performance
July 1, 2011

Little School Families Make A Difference
Students from the Little School raised money for the local food pantry.
June 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning May Kick Up Some Loose Change
Local nonprofit collects change to be donated to local food pantries.
May 17, 2011

Summer Street School Students Support Local Food Pantries Students raised $1,900 to help the hungry.
April 13, 2011

Gathering Change, Inc. Hunger Awareness Breakfast Raises $4,000 for Local Food Pantries
March 24, 2011
News Release

Gathering Change Holds Hunger Awareness Breakfast
Local nonprofit holds first major fundraising event.

March 22, 2011

You Said It: GCI Board Member Joanne Cotton talks about the fight against hunger and Gathering Change, Inc.
March 21, 2011

Patch Picks: Five Local Nonprofits Making A Difference   
GCI is listed among the organizations working to help local residents.

February 17, 2011

A Simple Idea: Collect Your Change & Help Your Community
February 5, 2011

A Penny Earned: Collecting Spare Change to Ensure Change for the Better
February 1, 2011

Change is Good! New Year's Day is a great time to focus on change -- coins, that is. One luncheon raised over $1,800.00 for Westborough Food Pantry
January 1, 2011

Lynnfield Woman Raises $1,100 For Local Charity At Birthday Party
Donna Hegan asked friends to bring change instead of presents to party.

December 14, 2010

Can You Spare Some Change?
Local nonprofit helps shelters, families one donation at a time.

December 8, 2010


Gathering Change, Inc. teams up with the Feinstein Foundation to fight hunger.

Gathering Change, Inc. teams up with the Feinstein Foundation to fight hunger. Gathering Change, Inc., a Massachusetts 501 (c) 3 nonprofit is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with the Feinstein Foundation for their Annual Million Dollar Giveaway to fight hunger.

Under the program the Feinstein Foundation will award Gathering Change, Inc., a monetary grant based on all cash and food donations made to them between March 1, 2010 and April 30, 2010. 

This partnership represents one of the most successful grassroots campaigns to fight hunger. Any donations received by Gathering Change, Inc., will be sent to the food pantries in the communities that participate.  At GCI the funds raised in your town stay in your town.

"People always ask why I give away a million dollars each year to fight hunger, and the answer is simple." Said Alan Shawn Feinstein, Chief Executive Officer of the Feinstein Foundation. "I believe each of us was put here on earth to do what we can to help those in need. All that will matter to us someday is what we did while we were here to help those who needed us."

Please join us in this challenge.


Check out our Testimonials Page! Exciting things are happening!



2nd Annual Collection Drive
October 17 - 25, 2009




Gather your friends and your spare change ...

Last year our largest source of donations was received from Gathering Change parties hosted by people who wanted to make a difference in their communities. Thanks to the generosity of those who offered their time and their spare change, these donations have been used to assist over 21 local food pantries to provide for the increasing number of families and individuals that need help making ends meet.



Every donation counts! Did you know ...
that one 16 oz. can filled with spare change
can add up to an average of $20.00? This could
put dinner on the table for a family in need.

Call 617-548-5357 to arrange local pick up of
your gathered coins or donate by check to:

Gathering Change, Inc.
c/o Saugus Bank
Route 1 @ 412 Lynn Fells Parkway
Saugus, MA 01906


2008 - 2009 Gathering Change Inc. Annual Report Now Available


Download and read our 2008-2009 Annual Report over on our Downloads Page.

All Invited to Annual Meeting of Gathering Change, Inc.


Gathering Change, Inc. will have its first annual meeting Monday, September 21, 7pm at the Americal Civic Center, 467 Main Street, Wakefield in the Wakefield Room (refreshments will be served). GCI has the pleasure of having completed its first full year as a charitable, grassroots organization serving local communities. If you have not heard of us, please see below:

Gathering Change, Inc. is a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping neighbors in need and offering opportunities for communities to share their abundance with their neighbors

How do we do that?

GCI asks folks to collect their spare change, either by looking through their purses, pockets, dresser drawers and candy dishes or by throwing it in a jar each time they return from a shopping trip and have change leftover from their purchases. We have found that spare change adds up and collected with others extra coins, can be a significant contribution to helping those in need. Some people also choose to have a gathering at their home and invite family and friends to bring their spare change.

Where does the money go?

This past year GCI focused on supporting food panties because of the extreme need due to the economic downturn. The board of Gathering Change, Inc. decided as a group to continue donating to food pantries this coming fiscal year. The money raised within a town goes directly back into the community where it was collected. For example: when the Community Service class of Stoneham High School raised $1000 for Gathering Change, Inc., that money was divided among the food pantries within Stoneham.

How can you help?

  1. Come to our annual meeting to learn more about GCI, all are welcome;
  2. Gather change within your home and begin collecting;
  3. Have a party at your home to collect the change of friends and neighbors (the GCI volunteers will give you needed materials for a successful party);
  4. Call if you are interested in volunteering: 617-548-5357

Our annual collection drive this year is October 17 through October 24. Begin saving your change for our drive in October. We also happily accept donations throughout the year and will pick up your collected change anyplace, anytime.

Thank you for your help!

The Board at Gathering Change, Inc.



    Gathering Change, Inc. will be at the Farmer Market this week. Come and bring us your spare change, speak to a friendly representative, and receive a jar for collecting at home. There will be a kids table where children can decorate a jar and use it to gather their family change. We will also have a contest to see who can guess how much $ is in the jar with a surprise for the winner. Look for our banner. We look forward to meeting you. What in our pocket? A loaf of bread, a gallon of milk? The Wakefield Farmer Market is held at Hall Park on North Ave. rain or shine from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. Click here for more information about and directions to the Wakefield Farmer Market.





    Gathering Change, Inc. will be hosting the refreshment stand on July 8th from 6PM to 8PM at the summer concert on the Lynnfield Common featuring the local band Evolution. Contact us to learn how you can help with this or future fund-raising events.  


    May 2009 - Stoneham High School - Community Service



    Community Service Stoneham small


    The Community Service Class at Stoneham High donated $1000.00 to Gathering Change. Thanks everyone!


    Spring 2009 - Introducing Wheaton College to Gathering Change, Inc.



    Wheaton College small



    In Gathering Change, Children Take the Lead


    Since the inception of Gathering Change, Inc., a non-profit organization who collects spare change and gives it back into the communities it is collected in, we have seen a trend that cannot be ignored. Children have become the stalwart of this group with many individual, civic groups and schools taking the lead in gathering change, and thus supporting their neighbors who are most in need. " I cannot get over how instrumental children have been," says Dorothy Goodwin, President of Gathering Change, "I know they are being guided by wonderful adults who have used this as an educational opportunity, so both parties are caring enough to follow through. It is amazing

    St.Joseph School decided to have a collection for Gathering Change in the month of March. In honor of St. Patrick Day, they put of gold on each floor of the school for a week as a collection spot for the change. It really paid off. was the easiest fundraiser we have ever done, said Joanne Shaw the parent coordinator. would be happy to do it again! It was so inspiring to have kids see how their efforts added up. the end of only one week, they had made a surprising collection of over $550. 


    Tall Spire Nursery also had a collection in the month of March. The children decorated containers, took them home and added spare change. The school collection exceeded everyone expectations and a staggering $1300 was collected.counting the change, I noticed many plastic coins in the bags says Marianne Snow, Vice President of Gathering Change. made me realize that although the kids didn quite know the difference between the real money and the fake money, they got the concept lethelp give to our neighbors. This past fall, a parent at the Woodville School, Cathy Gyurina, a parent at the school, contacted the charitable donations coordinator, Cathie Murdocca, and shared the Gathering Change information with her. Cathie purchased a special robot bank, put it in the cafeteria and with announcements and posters told the children that they were allowed to put money into the bank at a special time each day. The kids were generous. really liked the idea of bringing our children back to the values we are trying to give them that say there can be pleasure in giving to others, " said Cathy Gyurina. 


    Sarah Boland, a thirteen year old girl, was looking for some ways to do charity and read about Gathering Change in the newspaper. figured hanging out with friends is fun so we might as well contribute and do something while we hanging out, she said. Gathering Change was the way she decided to help. In January, she invited a bunch of friends over for a party and asked them to bring what they could. Sarah felt, was a lot of fun with everyone pitching in and we were happy to do it. She ended up collecting over $300. 


    mmpic 500

    Another 13 year old, Megan McLean also felt that way. realized I really didn't need any more gifts when my birthday came around, so I had a party and asked my friends to bring spare change instead, says Megan. And spare change they brought - $900 worth!


    Even the smallest of children are helping. Parents of Tots decided to have a collection. They held a day to make containers, brought them home and returned them at a given time. Their efforts were inspired by Pat McDonald who runs a family day care and did a similar thing with her kids. She also encouraged another family day care person, Jean Davidson, to collect change with her young ones. was such a great experience for the kids, said Pat. really got into contributing and collecting change. We counted it, we talked about how much food it would buy, we talked about some people needing help buying their food. They were very aware of other people needs and necessities.


    Daisy Hands

    Children in other towns have rallied as well. Brownie, Daisy and Girl Scout troops, Middle Schools, individual classrooms and individual children have all heard the message of Gathering Change and have felt deeply moved to help. We acknowledge their efforts and their importance in our organization.


    kids are so remarkable because they choose to do something on their own initiative. They heard the message, they realized the need and they moved forward. We couldn be more impressed with their sense of community and their self-direction. says Mary Taggart, Donation Coordinator for Gathering Change.

    For more information contact: Gathering Change, Inc., 617-548-5357 or visit our website at: www.gatheringchangeinc.org.




    Gathering Change-total woman show
    Photo (L-R) Dorothy Goodwin, and Marianne Snow of Gathering Change, Inc.


    Cheryl Webb Scott, the host of The Total Woman Cable Show that is shown in 26 Massachusetts communities, recently had Marianne Snow and me on to share our story about Gathering Change, Inc., which will hopefully inspire others. The cast made us feel so welcome and it was great to see what goes on behind the scenes. A special thank you to Cheryl for this wonderful opportunity.


    Gathering Change-total woman crew




    During the St. Patrick week of Gold Change Drive the St. Joseph's School in Wakefield collected over $500.00 to help support the Interfaith Food Pantry. The students donated their spare change to help their neighbors in need. There is no problem we cannot solve when we work together for the greater good.


    Making A Difference



    Photo (Back Row L-R): Phyllis Senier - Reading Food Pantry, Tony Del Camino - Reading Food Pantry, (Front Row L-R): Dorothy Goodwin and Judy Bousquin - Gathering Change, Inc., Charlotte Harlan - Reading Food Pantry


    On March 13, 2009, Gathering Change, Inc., made a $1,000 donation to the Reading Food Pantry which serves over 200 individuals each month. This is our second donation to the food pantry since beginning to collect spare change on October 18, 2008. On behalf of everyone at Gathering Change, Inc., a non profit organization that collects spare change for distribution back into our communities to support our neighbors with their basic needs, I want to say thank you to Yoga East, Salem Five Bank, and the many Reading residents who hosted Gathering Change, Inc., Parties.

    The need for emergency food assistance is up from last year. If you would like to make a donation of spare change or host a Gathering Change Party to help your neighbors, please check out the rest of our website or call me, Dorothy Goodwin, at 617-548-5357. 



    We'll be using our blog as a means for sharing our mission, for storytelling, and for making connections.

    Like the rest of Gathering Change, our blog will be a team effort with different team members posting on a regular basis.

    Click here to visit our blog.

    We'd love to hear your thoughts!



    As you may have heard in the media lately, many people are losing their jobs and finding it very difficult to pay their bills in our current economy. There have been 3.6 million jobs lost, and most of these in the last three months, and there are 3.3 million homes in which families will no longer be able to afford to live in by the end of this year. It is no wonder that everyone is worried and the need for emergency food assistance has increased by 50%.

    Each day in Massachusetts there are 650,000 individuals who do not know where their next meal is coming from and 1 in 10 children in our state live in poverty. We cannot solve this problem alone, but we can come together as a community to do our part.  This year Gathering Change, Inc., a local non profit charitable organization is focusing on supporting the food pantries. In the future we will also be supporting fuel assistance, clothing and educational opportunities.

    The Lynnfield Middle School Students, Lynnfield Middle School PTO and Gathering Change, Inc., will be working together for the month of March to stock Haven from Hunger with non perishable food items. This food pantry, located in Peabody, serves Lynnfield and Peabody residents. 

    We are calling this food drive Food 4 Everyone 4 weeks 4 grades.

    Every student will be given a handout with more information including a list of non perishable food items needed. Some of you may be able to donate a can of soup from your cabinet, others may be able to purchase an item at the grocery store. Whatever you can do to support your neighbors will be appreciated. Collections will take place during the month of March.

    Thank you for being the stars that light the world for a better tomorrow.



    On Monday, February 23, 2009, Marianne Snow and I were interviewed on a cable show called The Total Woman. I was not sure what to expect, except for the fact that I had met the host Cheryl Webb Scott before and found her to be friendly and easy to talk too. The Stoneham TV studio (which was converted from the Unitarian Church) was very nice and the all women crew could not of been more professional or complimentary. The purpose of the interview was to introduce ourselves and our organization to those in the 26 communities where this program will be aired. We were not given questions ahead of time and very little direction. It was basically like sitting around a table and telling the story of how Gathering Change, Inc., came to be, how we are different from other charities and why we believe that has helped us spread to 18 communities in less than four months. I did state some obvious facts about the economy and that the need for emergency food assistance was up 50% from last year at this time, but I felt like there was so much more to say. Thank goodness Marianne was right next to me and was able to add information that I missed.

    Then something happened toward the end of the interview. The faces of the individuals waiting in the food pantry line came into my head, one by one, and I felt like I was not speaking for myself but rather for all of those who could not. I knew at that moment I was where I needed to be and I was able to say what needed to be said.

    Thank you Cheryl!


    Gathering Change Attends Inaugural Celebration - January 2009


    Gathering Change, Inc. was invited to attend the Inauguration event held at the Wakefield Civic Center along with many other civic organizations. At our table we displayed our publicity information explaining what we are about. We had a gratitude tree where guests could write their intentions for the change they wished to see in the world. 

    We also had a table where the children could decorate a votive box which held a glass jar so they could begin to collect spare change for their neighbors in need. They used markers/stickers/and their own words to decorate these individual boxes.

    There was a large turnout despite the snow storm. The energy in the hall was electric because we were all about to witness the most important Inauguration of our lifetime. Obama inspired me to think about how to help others. Gathering Change, Inc., is a reality because we have all come together as a community to help one another.



    On January 12, 2009 the Gathering Change, Inc., Board Members and invited guests came together to share their ideas for the best ways to raise awareness and funds for 2009. The meeting was held at the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library in Wakefield.

    Although we have been meeting as a group since late July 2008, we have only started collecting spare change since October 18th 2008. We started collecting spare change in about 6 towns and we are now in 17 Massachusetts communities and growing. We have made distributions back to the food pantries, and in some cases we are about to make our third distribution and in other's it will be our first.

    We are all aware of what is happening with the economy and how it is affecting everyone, not just the poor. Recently I received an email from the President and CEO of the Boston Food Bank. In the 30 years she has worked to provide emergency food assistance, she has never seen the need at the level it is today. The increase over last year is up 30% in some communities and 60% in others.

    I speak for the entire board when I say thank you for believing that our spare change can make a difference, thank you for spreading the word by your actions, thank you for continuing to work to bring our communities together, and thank you for representing Gathering Change as a charity that we can all be honored to be a part of.



    Yes, it was that time of year when we were all doing what we normally do and we had to also shop, wrap, bake, visit, decorate and attend parties. As Susie and I made our way to the St. Joseph's Food Pantry in Salem today we were both feeling out of the holiday spirit. When we were walking into the food pantry a woman stopped us outside and asked if she could help us. We said we were coming to make a donation. She immediately welcomed us into the basement of the church. She then called to the coordinator and said we were there to make a donation. The coordinator came out and I think she thought we were going to give a small donation because she had one foot in the room and one behind the door from which she came. I did my speech, being sure to thank Salem Five for their generosity, and then I told them the amount--- Five Hundred Dollars! (this does not seem like a lot of money when you see how great the need is)  In that moment they both gasped. Susie and I witnessed what we are all about. No one ever gasped before, although other's have been appreciative, this was our first gasp!  The St. Joseph's food pantry is only open one day a week now because they cannot stay stocked. Clients can only come once a month. The volunteers are made up of individuals who know the importance of giving back.

    Needless to say our spirits were lifted.


    Thank You Letter Published in Local Papers - November 2008


    Dear Friends,

    Gathering Change, Inc., a local non-profit organization, who collects spare change and gives it right back into the communities in which it is collected, would like to take a moment to thank all the people who have thus far supported us in our efforts, in particular during our major collection week. The generosity and interest has been inspiring and continues to grow daily. Please know that the monies collected this year will go to support the food pantries that service Lynnfield residents and our first distribution will be given just in time for Thanksgiving.

    Thanks to The Chocolate Truffle and Baubles Jewelers for placing collection containers to help gather change. The Summer Street School Teachers, Numerous Lynnfield Book Clubs, Brownie Troop #66779 and Bethlehem Nursery School who all collected for Gathering Change as well as businesses who donated items to be raffled. They include the Wine Shop of Reading, Our Glass Wine Shop in Saugus, Yoga Moves in Reading and Sweetbay of Wakefield. Thanks to The Village Garden Club for their collection, and several neighborhood Halloween events that were sponsored to raise funds for Gathering Change including The Summer Street School Pumpkin Fair-A neighborhood Costume Swap and the Pumpkin Carving Contest.  A special thank you to a young nine year old who celebrated her birthday by asking her friends to bring their spare change on her special day. As well as those that gave up their bingo money to help feed a friend.

    And last, but not least, thank you to all those who hosted Gathering Change parties by opening their hearts and homes to collect change from their neighbors, friends and family. A grand thank you to Nancy Hess for donating gorgeous hand made items that were sold at various Gathering Change events.

    A special thank you to the Saugus Bank for letting us count our change as we begin to change lives. 

    In conclusion, the need is more urgent than any other time in our history because of home foreclosures, layoffs, fuel costs and the economic downturn we find ourselves in. Please consider supporting Gathering Change this holiday season...maybe we cannot feed everyone, but together we can try and in doing so, we will thrive as a community. For more information please contact Dorothy Goodwin at 617-548-5357 or check out our website @ www.gatheringchangeinc.org

    Gratefully yours,
    Dorothy Goodwin, President and
    Board of Gathering Change, Inc.



    The outpouring of support for upcoming Gathering Change events during our collection week has been overwhelming. Here are some highlights: 

    Costume Swap -

    by the costs of Halloween Costumes? Prices have crept up to $30 each. Here is a way to have fun, see your neighbors and save some money while contributing to a few charities. 

    For $5 you can leave a Halloween Costume and choose another. The funds collected go directly to Gathering Change, Inc., a local non profit charity whose goal is to help our neighbopumpkin top 180 rs with their basic needs. The left over costumes will be donated to Birthday Wishes another non profit charity that will provide costumes for children who live in shelters. 

      Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest A yearly neighborhood event that brings out the creative side in everyone. In addition to the Pumpkin Carving Contest guests are being asked to bring their spare change which will be donated to Gathering Change, Inc.

      Thank You Wakefield Item!

      The October 7, 2008 edition of the Wakefield Item had this to say about Gathering Change Inc. Here is just the beginning of the article:

      talking about change not the political kind that we have been bombarded with the past few months but change that can actually buy you food. Dollars and cents. Real Change.

      And it seems that their idea has come along at a perfect time, when people are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis..... I am Gathering Change!

        Thank You to some local business who have offered to collect spare change during our collection week.

        • Hart's Hardware, Wakefield

          The Chocolatier, Lynnfield

          Baubles, Lynnfield

          Numerous Individuals, Schools, Civic Organizations and Houses of Worship will be sponsoring Gathering Change fund raising events in Lynnfield, Wakefield, Reading, North Reading, Stoneham, Melrose and Burlington. As our volunteers grow so will the towns we support.

           If you do not have time to attend a gathering, but would like to donate your spare change, give us a call and a representative with pick it up. Call Dorothy Goodwin 617-548-5357 or you can bring your spare change to the Saugus Bank at 412 Fellsway and make a donation to the town of your choice. 



          Pumpkin Fair

          On October 4th from 10AM to 3PM Gathering Change will be participating in the Pumpkin Fair at The Summer Street School at 262 Summer Street in Lynnfield, MA. We'll be taking donations of spare change for the whole day. All donations will help support our neighbors who make use of local food pantries to supplement their families food needs. Stop by! Say involved with us as we change lives with spare change.

            Gathering Change Is On The Air!

            Radio Station WJIB (740 AM) has graciously agreed to broadcast the Gathering Change mission statement as part of a public service program suporting local non-profits. Our mission statement will be broadcast on a rotational basis for the next two years! Gathering Change is very grateful to Bob Bittner and the entire staff at WJIB for helping spread the word about our work.

              September Press Relase

              GATHERING CHANGE, A Local Opportunity to Give



                (Front Row L-R) Yvonne Blacker, Susie Cleary, Judy Bousquin, Jean Sa


                ntosuosso, Marianne Supino (Back Row L-R) Maura Quinn, Marianne Snow, Mary Taggart, Dorothy Goodwin, Beth Hylan

                Have you felt that you would like to help others but have limited time and resources and just don't know how or where to begin? Are you looking for a way to assist people in your community who are having trouble meeting their basic needs? Did you know that local food pantries in our towns are having difficulty staying stocked?

                Gathering Change, Inc. is a non-profit charity started by local women who believe we can make a difference. We believe we can help one another by simply giving what we already have our spare change.

                Dorothy Goodwin, President of Gathering Change said, "I opened my cabinet and saw a bowl full of change, I thought that if I had this much change maybe others did as well.  I started going through old pocketbooks and drawers and watched how quickly I was able to fill the bowl.  I began chatting with friends about the idea of donating our spare change to those in need in our own communities.  We began to meet and after four months Gathering Change was born." Gathering Change, Inc. began with the simple concept that everyone should have food to eat, fuel to stay warm, clothes to wear, educational opportunities, as well as care and support. To be attentive to people in our communities through gestures of generosity and sharing creates a caring living environment for all of us. 

                Our mission statement best expresses our sentiments: When collecting change, there are many ways to help. Each way can be as unique as the individuals or groups involved. A distinctive aspect of our group is that we encourage people to host a Gathering Change party where you invite neighbors and friends to come together and bring over their spare change for those in need. The party can be any time of the day and it can be done in any way the host/hostess chooses - a morning coffee, an afternoon tea, a game night, an early Halloween party, etc. The main purpose of these parties is for the sponsor to provide a gathering place, with refreshment


                 a grassroots charitable organization that collects spare change from our homes, schools, places of worship and businesses. Our mission is to meet the immediate basic needs of citizens within our communities who cannot achieve this goal alone. The funds are distributed back into our local food pantries and social programs. Gathering Change, Inc. gives everyone the opportunity to participate by sharing their abundance, thereby fostering a sense of interconnection, care and well-being throughout our neighborhoods.


                s, for neighbors and friends to bring their spare change. We have guidelines, postcards and information available if you would like to help in this way so please contact us.

                Our major fundraising period will be one week in October and this year it is October 18-25. This is time that you could focus on if you are considering helping. This does not mean, however, that donations, collections and parties cannot take place at any other time of the year. On the contrary, you may already be planning a birthday party, jewelry party, family gathering, church dinner, pool party, youth sports event, holiday gathering or other get together. If you are, this could be the perfect venue for collecting change. Just ask everyone who is attending to bring their spare coins along to support social programs in your community. In addition, our website will include an opportunity to make gift donations for birthdays, holidays or any other special occasion. 

                If a party or gathering isn't right for you, we have stickers and labels youMarianne Supino, Secretary of Gathering Change. 


                 can put on a jar to collect all year and then turn in during our collection week. Individuals, families, schools, scouts, businesses, and civic groups, can all gather change in whatever creative way they choose. The collection and drop off of that change can be done at any time but you may focus on our key week in October. are recognizing that any change, no matter how large or small, will have an immediate, positive effect on our communities, says

                Another way we are unique is that the funds raised will stay within the towns it is collected to support already established social organizations. Through channeling funds back into our own neighborhoods, we become connected to all the people in our community. Because food pantries have been currently identified as exhibiting a critical need, we will focus our first annual drive on food pantries within the p


                articipating towns.

                we think of spare change now, we think of it in very tangible terms, adds Marianne Snow, Vice President of the organization. ask ourselves, what in our pockets - a loaf of bread? a gallon of milk? In that way we have begun to realize the potential of the coins we handle daily, to evolve into something of importance for other people. With this in mind, we are not just putting our spare change into a jar. We have begun to forego that cup of coffee or bagel and save that change as well. What if we choose to do this as a family and as a community during our key collection week? Imagine what an impact that could make! Our philosophy is to educate and inspire others to turn their compassion into action by donating their time and gathering their spare change. Please check out our website www.gatheringchangeinc.org or call Dorothy Goodwin (617-548-5357)


                or Marianne Snow (781-246-0365). We would love to have you join us.



                  Monday, July 28, 2008

                  Our first Gathering Change Board Meeting

                    Wednesday July 23, 2008

                    On Wednesday evening, July 23rd Beth Hylan of Sweetbay is introducing her new line of Jewelry. Beth is on the Board of Directors for Gathering Change, Inc. She is using this opportunity to introduce Gathering Change to her clients. Thank you Beth for spreading the word!


                      Thursday July 18, 2008 - Food Pantry Visit

                      The food pantry at the Community Center in Stoneham would normally be closed Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the summer. This year, however, the Saint Patricks volunteers led my Mary Cain have decided to remain open on Thursday evenings. 

                      Gathering Change is visiting our local food pantries, speaking with volunteers and clients about its importance.  We are getting a feel for who waits in line, it is mostly moms and small children. In Stoneham they served 91 people in one evening thei


                      r usual summer count is 80.  We have used this opportunity to bring nonperishible items such as peanut butter, cereal, fruit cups, and lolipops. 

                      The AdventistCommunity Center Food Pantry in Stoneham also offers clothing for all ages.  The clothes are sorted and hung. They have an amazing assortment of items and all donations can be left inside their foyer. There were as many individuals getting food as there were getting clothing.

                        Saturday, June 6, 2008 - Festival By the Lake

                        Gathering Change, participated in the Wakefield Festival by the Lake



                        . This was an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the community and explain our purpose of helping meet the basic needs of individuals within our towns. We passed out hang tags and stickers so they could begin saving their spare change for our collection drive in October.





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